Work / Enhanced SEO Tool


Florist e-commerce websites that we maintained, integral to our business operations, suffered from inadequacies in managing and creating SEO-related content and edits. Many basic SEO tags are absent, limiting our site’s discoverability. A system needed to be created that lived within the larger already existing site editor, which allowed for simple editing and creation of SEO-focused content and meta tags.


Collaboration with the SEO team was instrumental in creating a detailed list of requirements. This list encompasses the essential fields necessary for effective SEO management, while also defining editable segments and pages across the websites. Recognizing the need for broad access, the solution accommodates “super editors” responsible for overseeing multiple items across various florist sites. 

Subsequent research into established SEO tools and plugins provided insights into the industry standards. These insights informed our solution with the existing design language of the site editor. The result was the creation of over 50 meticulously crafted screens, catering to various elements like select box dropdowns, different states of completion, error handling, prompts, tooltips, and text fields. This comprehensive approach ensures adaptability for both global editors overseeing all sites and single-site editors tailored to specific pages. 

Throughout this process, continuous conversations with the SEO and engineering teams ensured that the solution remained aligned with operational needs and technical feasibility.


As the designs evolved with each iteration, stakeholder perspectives on system functionality and scope of inclusions also evolved. This led to a series of iterative feedback loops, resulting in multiple rounds of revisions. Despite these dynamics, we effectively managed to strike a balance between incorporating feedback and maintaining a manageable project scope. Certain ideas were earmarked for future iterations, allowing us to stay focused on immediate goals.